4 Simple Tips To Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

build relationships“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”– Tony Robbins. It may be an instant connection, or it may take time to develop, either way being able to build rapport serves as the foundation of a successful career.

Building rapport is to establish a relationship with someone or a group of people thus making the conversation easier and more effective. Here are 4 simple ways to build mutually beneficial relationships that put you in a better position to learn, teach and influence other.

Dress for Success
Your appearance isn’t everything, but it is the first thing people see when meeting with you. Make sure you are dressed appropriate for the situation. Your appearance should help you connect with people, not turn people away.

Establish common ground
People will feel more connected to you if they can relate to you. Create small talk that aides you in connecting with them. Try finding both professional and personal commonalities by asking open ended questions.

Read the Room
If you know you have a certain amount of time meeting someone about business opportunities, make sure you are finding the right amount of focused conversation. You don’t want to spend the whole time chatting and you don’t want to just dive right into the business before your break the ice.

Be genuine
Being yourself is a basic communication skill and it truly does make a difference in the flow of conversation. Be interested, give compliments, and be endearing. Instead of thinking of the answer someone would want to hear, let them flow naturally. Avoid overdoing things and seeming desperate. Give off the type of energy you want in return.

Easy right? Just remember to dress for success, establish common ground, read the room and be genuine. Do what you can to create a positive experience when meeting with people and you will have mutually beneficial relationships throughout your career.

Written by guest writer, Dee Caples

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