Growing Strategies

Business Development, Sales, & Marketing

While our bread and butter is B2B lead generation, our senior staff is skilled at the full spectrum of business development, sales, and marketing.

Executive & Business Strategy

Our executive consultants, led by a former executive with 10+ years of experience, can help you with:

  • Policy deployment
  • Growth initiatives
  • Segment management
  • Talent management
  • Acquisition support
  • Project management culture
  • Accelerated innovation workshops

Sales Onboarding & Readiness

Our sales experts can help train your sales team. We have developed training, sales tools, and strategic playbooks for the world’s largest technology companies. We can help provide:

  • Internal sales tools and readiness materials
  • Sales scripts and role plays
  • Customer-facing presentations

Marketing Communications & Public Relations

We love storytelling which is the heart of marketing. We excel at shaping your ideas into stories and helping you share them with the world. Our marketing experts can help with your:

  • PR framework
  • Copywriting and copy editing
  • Media relations
  • Value proposition messaging and positioning
  • Promotion
  • Newsroom optimization

Innovation Training

We vetted and adopted SolutionPeople® Innovation Acceleration tools and methodology to lead customized Accelerating Innovation and Creativity Training workshops for:

  • Executive annual business planning.
  • Measurement metrics and performance indicators to evaluate successful execution of business plans.
  • Market campaign messaging, positioning, and definition.
  • Competitive positioning, product repositioning, and product launch.
  • Quarterly or annual review of business and team performance and definition of corrections of error to improve success in the coming term.
  • Internal process improvements for increased customer satisfaction.