Creating Opportunity

Lead Generation & Qualification

We perfectly complement your sales team because we have relevant technology backgrounds to understand your business. We continuously fill your pipeline with highly qualified leads so your sales people can:

  • Engage the right point of contact within the targeted company.
  • Have a candid dialogue that supports future communication.
  • Identify validated opportunities for your sales team.
  • Ensure consistent messaging between us and your sales team.
  • Determine the strategic next steps for your sales team.

On average, our lead generation projects net the following per 100 hours: 900 dials, 150 connections, 30 highly qualified leads, and 30 additional contacts with future interest. Lead quantity depends on market segment, size of target, name recognition, etc.

We can use your CRM system or our own. By using a CRM system, qualified leads are delivered to you as soon as they are developed. Every week, we will also deliver a list of rated leads.

Lead Nurturing & Retention

We maximize your ROI by keeping leads warm until customers are ready to purchase. Your pipeline stays active with well-paced, direct, and ongoing dialog designed to:

  • Identify your new sales opportunities.
  • Keep your new developments and offerings in front of your prospects.
  • Deepen your connections with relevant decision makers.
  • Maintain your sales pipeline so that it stays current.

Lead Appointment Setting

We can help your sales team keep their calendars full, whether that’s doing face-to-face or phone-based appointments. Imagine breaking into a territory for a new product launch with a full week of qualified appointments. Many of our clients find that by conducting appointment setting programs they are able to ensure they are:

  • Maximizing sales engineers’ time in the field.
  • Increasing ROI for sales travel costs.
  • Leveraging investments in trade shows or conferences.