What Our Clients Have To Say

“After recognizing the need for a focused lead generation program we recruited Connects Marketing Group to help our sales team generate the name recognition and new contacts that we had difficulty finding. The approach of Robin and the Connects team produced immediate results and all our expectations were far exceeded. The professionalism of the team, and the thoroughness of their approach, was enough to make us realize that not only would our investment in the program be rewarded by new customers, new projects and increased sales, but also with a better understanding of the need for a professional marketing approach. I highly recommend the Connects Marketing Group and thank Robin and the Connects team for a successful program.” Adrian Rishworth, VP Sales, J Royal

“Connects and their extremely talented, organized and driven team have generated new leads for our company that we wouldn’t have without their dedicated efforts. They take their work very seriously and own getting to know your product or service in a succinct way; it feels like they’ve been talking about the product or service for years. We see Connects as a lead generation partner. They are a true joy to work with and we would recommend them to any company looking to generate warm and hot leads.” Dee Tran, Marketing Communications Manager, Vigilant

“CMG as a partner is tenacious and always deliver what they promise. They can take a complex concept or sale, break it down methodically, and have a targeted message to share with the prospective customer while speaking the party line of our company. Working with CMG gives us the ability to turn up or dial down activity in a program offering without additional sales and marketing costs being incurred. We’ve utilized them for lead generation and are pleased they offer so many additional relevant B2B Business Development services. We see them as an extension our on-staff sales teams.

CMG’s greatest strength is their smart and highly engaged people and how quickly they get a sales management program launched.  It takes a special breed of people to pick up the phone and clearly communicate the marketing message. If you are going to spend money on a tradeshow, you have to take advantage of the leads and do the follow up.  The best way to get ROI of any tradeshow is to utilize Connects. Within a day or two they will literally touch every lead received from a tradeshow.  CMG leaves no stone unturned and that is key in turning prospects into customers efficiently and quickly.” Jeff Heier, Security Solutions Strategist, CA Technologies

“We sought assistance from Connects to help us gain penetration into a major customer where we previously had little contact. Robin and her team worked with us to understand our company and develop a profile to assist them in their efforts. Working from this minimal amount of data, they were able to make contacts deep inside our target customer within the first week. We began receiving high quality leads almost immediately with individuals from both engineering and procurement (our two targets). Within two weeks, we had more leads than we could effectively follow up on. More importantly, Robin and her staff were able to generate interest with the Customer to meet with us to learn about our capabilities. As a result, we have been invited to conduct Lunch and Learn sessions for engineers at three separate divisions within our target customer.

We could not have hoped for any better results than what the team at Connects was able to produce in such a short period of time working with minimal input from us. We expect the leads they uncovered to continue to generate new opportunities for us well into the future.
I give my highest recommendation for Robin and her team.” Brian Alessio, Business Development Engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation

“Robin Black and her team have made a huge contribution in accelerating our success over the last three years. They have earned our total confidence so that we now entrust their team to be the first to engage every one of the many prospective client that comes to us each week. They have proven to be an invaluable partner in all components of both our businesses- CEG Worldwide and Financial Advisor Select.” John Bowen, CEO, CEG Worldwide and Financial Advisor Select

“I had a need for someone to come in and quickly ramp up our lead generation process and was looking for a partner focused on delivering clear, meaningful benefits for us and our prospective customers. Connects Marketing Group was the perfect fit. Their approach makes them feel like a part of our team — and allowed them to deliver fantastic results.

They are a pro-active, insightful and flexible partner in new business development and lead generation. doxo (and I personally) appreciate the level of thought that goes into the work they’ve done for us, especially in the detail of reporting, how quickly they react to change, and the high level of intelligence they bring to action and decision they make.” Kevin Frisch, VP Marketing, Doxo, Inc.

“Connects Marketing Group was able to quickly understand a complex product, then reach out to new prospects to generate qualified leads. The knowledge we gained from their conversations helped us to better understand the opportunities to grow market share for our product. Working with them was a pleasure.” Meredith Williams, Executive Director of Marketing, Clabber Girl Corporation

“Connects Marketing Group has exceeded my expectations. The quality of their employees is unparalleled. They have learned our business and pivot quickly offering us valuable feedback from our customers and prospects. The effectiveness of our campaigns came from Connects taking the initiative to learn our industry, when we did not have the time to train them. They are an integral part of our sales process. I highly recommend them.” Roger Parks, VP Business Development & Co-founder, doxo, inc.

“I have retained Connects Marketing Group sales consultants for several months now, and could not live without them. They have been extremely professional, and have helped fill our sales pipeline with new potential customers, demos, quotes and sales.” Carrie Hafeman, CEO, FrontDoorSoftware

“Robin and her entire team at Connects Marketing Group are unmatched at what they do. They collaborate and communicate with the sales and marketing groups every step of the way and deliver beyond expectations. I highly recommend Connects Marketing Group for any or all steps in the sales and lead-qualification process.” Rosie Hausler, President, Sandhill PR

“Robin & her Team at Connects Marketing Group know what it takes to create effective programs. Their domain expertise, thoroughly trained staff, attention to detail & absolute professionalism allowed us to get a Lead Gen/Lead Qual program up and running very quickly. I was extremely impressed with their internal process & supporting systems. The detailed metrics they provided allowed us to rapidly fine-tune our campaign for maximum impact and success. Partnering with professional at the top of their game is easy, and with Connects, I found it effortless.  These guys are the real deal. They make it happen.” Raaj Shinde, VP Sales, WHAT COMPANY?

“Robin has never met a challenge she couldn’t conquer.  How she does it is a mystery to me, but her results are nothing short of magic. Her team is qualified, competent, and professional – but more importantly, successful with every engagement. They’re so good they make me look good – and that’s a sure recipe for total customer satisfaction.” Christine Mulcahy, Owner, Mulcahy Consulting

“The people at Connects Marketing Group offered us an uncommon perspective in both design and execution of a business development program.  And they truly delivered quality leads to pursue that resulted in new business opportunities that connected back to revenue for our company.” Jason Fradin, VP Marketing, InfoLogix