What Makes Us Different

There are two things that set us apart from other B2B marketing companies.

The quality of our staff.

The most important aspect of a B2B company’s marketing program, especially in today’s digital marketplace, is the people delivering the message. The human component is an unquantifiable element of greatest priority because it is in the chemistry between those delivering a company’s message and the potential customers where the relationships are developed- or lost. Because real people make business decisions on the customer end, every point of contact you have with them makes or breaks the potential connections you stand to create.

Our greatest asset is our team of individuals, each of whom uses a variety of approaches to best interpret the messages your company wishes to convey, through both spoken and written communication. With our proven system of streamlined strategies and our competent, professional and extensively skilled team, we can immediately mobilize our efforts to collaborate with your company and get valuable results beyond what you might expect using your own people, who may be preoccupied in other areas besides those in which we specialize.

Most importantly, each member of our team possesses an extensive sales and technical background. Each of us is fully qualified and beyond capable of working shoulder-to-shoulder with your top sales people, assisting them in identifying and overcoming pain points in the sales cycle, providing strategic advice, services and tools that will lead to, for example, better competitive positioning, a consistently-filled, qualified sales pipeline, shorter sales cycles, and more importantly market leadership, increased revenue and reduced costs. As a group, we help monitor your business strategy, modify where necessary, and help you stay on track to achieve your goals and overcome the pain points.

Our ability to converse.

We know how to get people relaxed so they will be comfortable and share information with us. An important key to that is active listening. This allows us to provide your sales engineers with a virtual welcome mat at the front door of a prospective client.

Our team is unmatched in knowledge, professionalism and passion. We know what our clients want and how to get it for them- and we love our jobs!

Think of having your dream job, where you love to go to work each day and get excited about the outcomes that you create. That’s what each of our callers bring to your table. A sense of ownership of each project drives us to do our best for all of our clients, and this starts with creating career-long connections with your prospects and customers.

If you’re a sales professional reading this, imagine having the time to truly cultivate and nurture each and every prospect or customer in your territory. You’re dreaming, right? There aren’t enough hours in the day to do that plus all of your additional tasks. That missing piece- THAT is what Connects team do for you. We nurture your targets, accelerating the “speed of trust” and forge relationships that translate into satisfied customers.

We believe B2B lead generation should be about the Three C’s: Contact, Communication and Connections. They are the foundation of our success. They matter. We do them right, each and every time.We take our role in your sales development process very personally. We excel in cultivating transparency and trust with every communication between our clients, their teams and their customers.