Expanding Reach

Account Mapping

Our customers are routinely shocked when we uncover business potential that is hidden in plain view. Account Mapping digs deep into an organization to identify and assess other divisions, departments, or decision-makers with sales potential.

Account Mapping gives our customers the greatest ROI because it is maximizing the sales potential throughout entire companies. Through quality conversation and extensive research, we harvest a wealth of information including:

  • Mapping the layout of the organization’s personnel; who does what, where.
  • Uncovering other locations and divisions.
  • Discovering new projects and programs.
  • Identifying new contacts and decision makers.
  • Determining the current level of satisfaction of your customers with your existing products and/or services.

Known customers are already set up in all of your business systems. You know all of their purchasing and shipping preferences, etc., so every new piece of business is profitable. Leveraging the full potential of your existing customers is common sense, and we help you do just that.